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I am a researcher in the Security and Cryptography team at Microsoft Research in Redmond. Here is my MSR web page.
GPG-Key: 68F48D4C

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Technical Reports

Program committees

ECC 2017, Latincrypt 2017, PQCrypto 2017, ACNS 2017, Indocrypt 2016, ACNS 2016, WAHC 2016, Indocrypt 2015, SPACE 2015, Latincrypt 2015, GenoPri 2015, PKC 2015, WAHC 2015, SCN 2014, CANS 2013, SAC 2013, CANS 2012, Pairing 2012, Indocrypt 2011, Africacrypt 2010.

I was involved in the organization of Pairing 2012 in Cologne, Germany, 16–18 May 2012.



In May 2009, I completed my PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology in the coding and crypto group under the supervision of Tanja Lange.
In 2002, I finished my diploma in mathematics at RWTH Aachen University at Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik under the supervision of Gerhard Hiss.